Obama's 2016 Budget Proposal: Part 2 Gift and Inheritance Provisions


President Obama's 2016 Budget ProposalPresident Obama’s 2016 Budget Proposal for individuals which was recently released, and was presented in Part 1. The blog noted an increase to the taxes on higher-income taxpayers, as well as provide tax breaks for low-to middle-income taxpayers. This week we will discuss some highlights of the President Obama’s 2016 Budget Proposal that would impact individuals and small businesses regarding gifts and inheritance tax provisions. As we mentioned before, please remember, these are proposals only.

If you did not get the chance Part 1, you can click here.

Gift and Inheritance Tax Provisions

Inheritances and Gifts:

  • Would eliminate the current step-up in tax basis at death.
  • Require payment of capital gains tax on the increase in value of securities at the time they are inherited.
  • Generally, a $100,000-per-person, portable-between-spouses exclusion would apply for inherited appreciated assets. This would also have exceptions for surviving spouses, small businesses, charities, and residences, among others.
  • For couples, no tax would be due until the death of the second spouse.
  • No tax would be due on inherited small, family-owned-and-operated businesses unless and until the business was sold. Also, unless any closely held business would have the option to pay tax on gains over 15 years.
  • Couples would have an additional $500,000 exemption for personal residences ($250,000 per individual). This exemption would be automatically portable between spouses.
  • Tangible personal property, other than expensive art and similar collectibles, would be tax-exempt (e.g., bequests or gifts of clothing, furniture, and small family heirlooms).

Inheritance and Gift Tax:

  • Would reinstate the prior, 2009, estate and gift tax rates with lower exclusions (generally at 45% at $3.5 million for estates and $1 million for gifts).

A final reminder, that these are all proposals by the Obama administration and must be approved by Congress. The information is being passed along so you will have an idea of what might happen in the future.

In Part 3 we will put up Obama’s 2016 Budget Proposal for Business Provisions.

Do you have any questions about President Obama’s 2016 Budget Proposal?

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