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What Are the Tax Advantages of Home Ownership?

Housing is a big expense for everyone. The choice generally involves either renting or purchasing – and financing that purchase with a home loan. This article looks at the tax benefits and drawbacks of buying, financing, and owning a home.

selling your home

Sold or Thinking of Selling Your Home?

In spite of (or in some cases, because of) the COVID-19 pandemic, and with near-record-low home mortgage interest rates, the housing market has been booming. September 2020 existing home sales were up 9.4% from August 2020 and 20.9% from 2019, according to the National Association of Realtors. If you sold your home this year or are thinking about selling it, there are many tax-related issues that could apply to that sale. To help you prepare for reporting the sale you may have already made or make you aware of what issues you may face if you are in the “thinking about” stage, this article covers the tax basics and some special situations related to home sales and the home-sale gain exclusion.

Are Solar Panels Tax Credits Real?

Free solar panels, the TV ads say. Earn solar panels tax credits from the IRS, they tell you! When you see these ads that allow you to generate your own home solar power, are you impressed? Is Uncle Sam going to pick up 30% of your cost, like they promise? Is it true you only have to come up with the other 70%? Well, that is not necessarily the whole picture.

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