Month: September 2018

Natural Disaster Relief: Hurricane Florence

What does the IRS do to help with natural disaster relief?

We just watched Hurricane Florence slam the Carolinas, and last year’s hurricane season between Hurricane Harvey, Hurricane Irma and Puerto Rico’s Hurricane Maria were devestating. The last several years the IRS has typically acted to provide taxpayer relief for natural disasters such as hurricanes Kartina and Rita, the 2014-2015 record snow fall in New England, the 2010 New England floods, Hurricane Sandy, Hurricane Matthew, the Ebola Outbreak in 2014, and the 2010 Hatian earthquake. As you read this you would think we were facing the end, but thank goodness there has been help from the IRS. The typical measures often include delaying various filing deadlines, delating various payment deadlines, loosening rules for write offs for damage, and allowing for certain charitable contributions.

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